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I Have No Idea What I Am Doing!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

6 MONTHS of Quarantine and here I am.... Starting a blog.

At this point, some of us are back at work and some of us are still at home.

You can guess, I'm still at home!

Only due to being kicked out "the nest" (mutual decision) from a restaurant job. The job, being the main reason I moved away from Chicago to work for, almost 3 years ago. Luckily, the reason we decided to part ways, was only to focus on my career as a Food Stylist, and to pursue many of my other passions and goals that I have been putting off even before crazy Covid times. This blog being one of them.

A month in and boy! am I still TERRIFIED!

Pushing yourself into really chasing your dreams during unprecedented times, isn't exactly a parade. There has been much car crying and many panic attacks....

Believe me!

As you read in the title, I literally have no idea what I am doing, but i am going to give this a shot! By "This" I mean starting a blog and creating something that I've only dreamt of and sharing it with the world.

(Now we are gonna get very personal)

The more I go through life, the more interactions I have with people and the more I choose to learn; the more I realize that no one really knows what they are doing. Not a single adult has their lives figured out.

That is truly comforting to understand!

Whatever this world will give me I will gladly accept, good or bad. Its just... Scary, thats all. Honestly, I am just trying to figure it out as much as a 23 year old can. The reason, I bring this part into this blog post, is because I want you all to feel inspired to do your own things and to choose to learn everyday. I hope that my weekly blog posts (although mostly about cooking) will inspire you to get moving, even if it starts in the kitchen. It might not seem relevant to what I will be presenting at the end of this blog post, but it will be relevant to the rest of our journey here on Kitchen Expedition.

One thing that I have figured out is that quarantine has allowed us to really feel our feelings, better ourselves, and tap into what excites us-- really getting to know what the human experience is all about. I've realized that we are resilient! And as the strong individuals that we are, we are going to use this time to do exactly that. So here I am, ready to take my seat at the table of Food, Travel and Lifestyle Bloggers. Luckily, with my formal education, personal background in the culinary arts, and the support of a Michelin Star restaurant, I am hoping I have plenty to offer to all the amazing foodies, home cooks, and chefs out there.

(Here comes the important stuff!)

As we have seen all over the internet, we've already been through the banana bread phase, the whipped coffee phase, and the newest phase this summer....the make your own ice cream phase?

How about we do something a little more original and visit all the places we were suppose to visit during 2020. Yes! Look back at your travel destination list in the notes of your IPhone and pick a spot, a country, or even a city. Join me on my exploration of the culinary scene in countries like Mexico, Spain, Italy, and many more! I am going kick off this new venture of mine with traveling the world through the art of food. Because just like you, I would like to explore all the food that I was suppose to enjoy during my trips that I didn't get to enjoy earlier this 2020.

One thing we've all experienced and know is that food is what connects us to each other. Moments around the table, filled with dishes that reminds us of our family. Teaching someone a new dish. Sharing your cooking videos on instagram. We've seen it all on our little devices that we are physically attached to everyday. Even though we aren't physically together, I think we could all use this time to be a little MORE connected. I would like for this platform to be a space to connect with other people, other cultures, and other parts of this world!

So, if I haven't confused you with my personal "moment of reality" portion of this post, followed by what I plan on offering to you all in this blog. I hope you are ready and just as excited as I am to go on this culinary adventure. I am especially excited for our first location! Because, where I have planned for us to visit, has always been a dream of mine to explore. It won't just be a city, it's the whole damn country!

Can you guess where?

I am clearly not giving you all many hints! I'm just trying to keep you wanting more and hopefully preparing yourselves for the next handful of blog posts, videos and images to get you excited and ready to cook in the kitchen!

Stay tuned & See you soon!

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