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Bella Lopez a Chicago native, spent her time being enriched by the restaurant culture. A thriving culture that is found in every neighborhood of the city. At the age of 13, she began to find herself adoring the intricacies of cooking, which happened to be influenced by shows like Good Eats, Cupcake and Cake Wars. She was then ready to begin her path as a chef. After her culinary education at Kendall College and getting hands on experience in restaurants, Bella packed everything up and moved to Los Angeles in the early months of 2018.  After landing in LA, she began working at Nancy Silverton's Michelin-Star restaurant Osteria Mozza and soon found her calling as food-stylist.  



Her passion, drive, and consistent work ethic has opened a door of opportunities, that she gladly receives. Within her first year as an official food stylist, she began working on many Food Network shows as a culinary producer and the lead for multiple digital networks. With her extensive culinary knowledge and youthful touch, she brings to life clients visions and visually beautiful images of food for film, print and digital formats. When Bella is not working with clients, she is busy practicing her craft, by food styling her own recipes and filming videos for her social media platform, as well as recording her Podcast. Bella is truly following and accomplishing her dream of sharing her love of food with the world.  

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